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COVID-19 Precautions

  We would like to share with you what we are doing here at the studio to have a safe return to class.


When Covid hit our community, we were online in 2 days to host all of our classes virtually!  Our teachers knew how important it was to keep going and went above and beyond to be their for their students!  We even held our end of year concerts.  This year, we have the same mindset and have created an even safer environment for our dance, vocal, and martial arts students.


  • When students enter the studio, we have a thermal camera to check your temperature.  Hands free, just smile for the camera!  

  • After temperature checks, students will walk to their classroom and stand on a red social distancing circle waiting to enter.   Students will sanitize their hands at our new sanitizing stations that are placed in every classroom.


  • For dancers 5 and under, one parent may stay in the studio during the class.  No siblings will  be allowed.

  • Dancers 6 and over can be dropped off curbside for class. 


  • Once inside the classroom, dancers will find a circle.  Circles are 6 feet from each other on each side and front and back.


Additional measures that are being taken:

  • All class sizes will be limited.

  • Classroom floors will be disinfected between every class.

  • Common areas will be disinfected on a rotation throughout the day.

  • Our office staff is behind plexiglass for additional safety.

  • Our lobby will be closed to all family members with the ability to view classes on Zoom, so that parents can still see class each week.

  • Masks must be worn in all classes.

  • Younger dancers will have their own prop kit for class so that no one will need to share items.  This will be offered to our families at no additional cost.


At DANCE! By Debra DiNote, we have shown that nothing can stop us and the same goes for next season.  All classes will be available on Zoom each week for any student that is not able to enter the building for class. 


Our performances and recitals will happen this year!  Whether we have the shows in our black box theater in our studio, the traditional school theater like in past years, or on a stage built in our parking lot...our students will be given the opportunity to showcase their hard work, dedication, and love of the art form!


 Please reach out to us with any questions that you may have.


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