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June 2, 2024      Company/Adults/Teen Apprentice/KidsInDance Apprentice




Dress Rehearsal is held at The Playhouse Theater at Washington Twp HS.


Please come in your regular dance attire with proper hair & makeup complete.

Warm-up will begin promptly at 4:45pm.  No one is excused. 


Please be onstage at 4:45pm. 

Arrive earlier to set up your space with costumes, etc.  Warm-up will be 15 minutes.

Dress Rehearsal will begin promptly at 5:15pm.  *The opening number dancers can be in costume for the warm-up.


Rehearsal will be run in Show Order!

  1.  Love Yourself!- Company

  2. Get Dressed First Thing! - Stars II

  3. Stargaze - Company Tap

  4. Don’t Panic…Today’s a new day!

  5. Work Hard - Jr Jazz

  6. Play Hard - Sr/Elite HH

  7. (Use your Imagination-not rehearsing)

  8. Go on a Picnic! - Teen Apprentice/Stars II

  9. Try Something New!  (Shim Sham)

  10.  Crack Open a Book! - Company Pointe

  11.  Get Some Exercise - Jr HH 

  12.  Steer Clear of Shady Characters! - Adult Jazz

  13.  DADS & GRADS

  14.  Is your life beginning to feel like a Circus?! - Jr/TeenApp Mus Th

  15.  Daydream! - Adult Lyrical

  16.  Go Fly a Kite! - Sr/Elite Ballet

  17.  Savor the Season of Spring - KidsInDance Ballet

  18.  Savor the Season of Winter - Jr Ballet

  19.  Savor the Season of Autumn - Adult Ballet

  20.  Don’t forget to enjoy your Wedding! - Teen Apprentice Jazz

  21.  Make a budget & stick to it!  (STAR I - not rehearsing)

  22.  Stroll - Jr Pointe

  23.  Be a Romantic! - Sr/Elite Contemporary

  24. Be proud of your Heritage! - Irish Soft shoe

  25. Make a new friend…even if you’re very very shy! - KidsInDance Jazz

  26. Be a Hugger! - Jr Contemporary

  27. Sparkle & Shine through your day! - Sr/Elite Mus Th

  28. Make Music a part of your day! - Adult Tap

  29. Learn to Cook! - KidsInDance Tap

  30. Sing, even if you can’t carry a tune! - Jr Tap

  31. Try a new look! - Sr/Elite Jazz

  32. Be proud of your country! - Kids, STAR 1 Lyrical

  33. Believe that your ship will come in! - Irish Hard shoe

  34. Grande Finale featuring our DWC Grads & entire cast

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