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Classes Offered

This class is for the dancer age 5-7 who is ready for a one hour class offering more technical discipline then the pre-school level. Dancers taught the French terminology of ballet along with proper names of tap steps.


This class is a continuation of Ballet/Tap with an introduction of Jazz technique. The next progression after Ballet/Tap.

Dancing with Mommy (grandparent, relative, or caregiver) class is a fun, upbeat class for young dancers 18 months-3 years old. Engaging in a variety of music, movement, obstacle courses and singing! Dancing with Mommy provides special bonding time with your child and allows you to meet other families.

Designed for our 3-5 year old students.  This class is a 45 minute class offering development in coordination &listening skills while incorporating ballet & tap.

This one hour class is offered to students age 7&up.  Students are placed in class according to age & level.  Students will experience full barre work, stretch, center & across the floor.

Tap is offered at DANCE! in both combination classes as well as 1 hour classes. Most movements in tap are simple and complex including drops, brushes, shuffles & flaps.

 This one hour class consists of stretching, isolations, turns, jumps, jazz walks & new combinations every week! It is also recommended to participate in a ballet class to enhance technical skills.

This class introduces the student to the feeling behind the steps!  Popular contemporary songs are used in this class.  Students are encouraged to study ballet in conjunction with this class.

Pointe class is by invitation only and students must be at least 12 years old, having studied ballet for many years.Having a strong understanding of proper alignment, turnout & technique is a must.

This class serves as an intro to Hip Hop for the younger student.  Hippity Hop is focused on rhythm, coordination & basic footwork.

 Ages 4-6 years old

This upbeat class explores the popular dance genre with roots based in street jazz.  Students will learn new routines each week.  DANCE! lights & lasers will add to all the excitement of this class.  Ages 6&up

Modern allows for a greater understanding of how the body moves.  This class emphasizes in alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, floor work and weight shift. 

Acro teaches basic acrobatic techniques including tumbling, conditioning, flexibility, strengthening along with basic jazz and novelty dance steps.

Irish Step consists of two disciplines in a one hour class, Hard shoe & Soft shoe.  Irish Step is a blend of upper body & quick, precise movement of the feet.

We love our Adult Dancers!

Ages 18 & up! Offering ballet, tap and jazz!

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