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Martial Arts

Head Instructor:
Sensei Jason Bourelly—
6th Degree Black Belt

Instructor / Program Coordinator:
Sensei Kimberly Bourelly
5th Degree Black Belt



Sensei Jason and Sensei Kim take pride in teaching a unique blend of traditional
Shorin Ryu Karate & the Bourelly Sport Karate method. They provide
expert martial arts instruction to help promote better physical and mental health, increased discipline and principles of self-defense.  They help people find their strengths and meet life’s challenges like a champion.  The knowledge and skills that you gain there could make you a better student, champion, or more importantly — save your life.




 Jason Bourelly

Jason Bourelly started training martial arts in 1989.  He is a 6th degree black belt in 

shorin ryu karate.  He also has experience in jujitsu, kobudo, tae kwon do, capeira and kickboxing.  

He is a 20x world champion. 

 Jason has taught seminars and privately trained students in Canada, Mexico, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Venezuela and Guatemala.  He has taught in various martial arts schools across the United States and has trained numerous national and world champions.


 Kimberly Bourelly

 Kimberly Bourelly started training martial arts in 1986.  She is a 5th degree black belt in den toh no shin ka and has experience in tae kwon do, capeira, jeet kun do, shorin ryu and kickboxing.  She is a 5x world champion.  Kimberly has taught cardio kickboxing, fitness training, yoga and karate at various martial art schools along the east coast.  She has also had a hand in training many national competitors.  

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